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Financial Activity Control System

The first time you access this applet it will take some time to download. Whilst downloading you should see a status indicator. How long it takes depends on the speed of your Internet connection. But once is has downloaded, it will remain in your browser\'s cache, so when you use it again you won\'t have to wait while it downloads - it should come up pretty fast.

As soon as the applet downloads it will open a new window on your workstation so that you can sign onto the FACS system. This browser window will remain as it now is. If you close it, the applet will end immediately.

Security: when it starts running on your PC, the applet will establish a secure, encrypted HTTPS session with our server. All data that you enter into the applet or receive from it is therefore completely secure.

Time-out: if you don\'t work with the FACS system for ten minutes, it will time out for security reasons and the window will close automatically. To re-open the window, click here.